This Is How To Heal Gum Disease In A Week Or Less!!!

Aggressive periodontitis can occur in people who already have gum disease but they seem to be completely healthy. If chronic periodontitis occurs, bone loss, as well as inflammation of the supporting teeth tissues, comes with it.

Do Not Smoke!

  • Even smoking cannabis is very unhealthy for the teeth and gums.
  • Smoking brings a huge concentration of carbon and free radicals into the mouth that causes chemical reactions.
  • These chemical reactions are depleting the mouth of minerals and vitamins due to cell damage.

Chew Some Garlic.

  • Chewing garlic maybe sucks but at least it is worth it.
  • Chew garlic on a regular basis.
  • Also, make sure you eat garlic with salads.
  • Eats lots of different vegetables and make lots of diverse salads.
  • Remember to chew the garlic with your mouth open and breathe through it as well, not through your nose.

Fix The Intestines.

  • No matter what kind of infection is in your mouth, that same infection is also in your intestines and in your bloodstream as well.
  • If you fix the intestines, everything will fix itself.

Take Up, Oil Pulling.

  • For this, try using coconut oil with a little bit of Shillington’s formula or essential oil with microbe killing properties.


  • Flossing can prevent cavities at the gum line and can speed the gum healing process as well.
  • When flossing, even if your gums are bleeding, do not give up on this habit because flossing is very important if done properly.
  • Bad bacteria and candida are always present whenever there is the infection.
  • By “bad bacteria” we mean bacteria that harm us.
  • Often there are different kinds of parasites that we must be aware of.

Make Your Own Toothpaste!

  • Toothpaste and mouthwashes most people use are junk.
  • This includes most of the overpriced branded products in the local health food store.
  • Both brushing with unrefined sea salt and baking soda and chewing on garlic are more beneficial for our teeth than any kind of toothpaste bought at the store.

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