Things to Help With Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be comforted by these things. Take a little time and pamper yourself. Often, depression and anxiety arise from lack of self-care and rest. These things will entertain, comfort, encourage and help you to sleep better. An awesome quick read and list of simple and inexpensive things to help improve how you feel, physically and mentally.

Some of you know that I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression in my past. Anxiety and depression still knock at my door, and I figure it will occasionally happen in everyone’s life. So I made a list of things I’ve discovered that help with depression and anxiety.

Pay Attention to Food

One of the first things I learned about depression is that the foods I eat can be increasing it or helping me to feel better. Foods like sweet potatoes, wild Alaskan salmon, and yogurt all help the body to regulate hormones, calm the mind and body, and help to balance cortisol levels which are a result of high stress.

But nothing feels more comfortable to me than sitting down with a warm cup of tea. The thing I like about tea is the power it has to help me sleep better, soothe my nerves, and improve my brain.

Green Tea is known to have Theanine. An amino acid linked to higher attention span and increased focus. I’m not a big fan of green tea’s flavor so I usually opt for a green tea that also has fruit or ginger.

Chamomile tea promotes relaxation, has antibacterial properties, and helps inflammation.

Try to Sleep Better

While we are on the subject of sleep, a weighted blanket or just a thicker and more substantial blanket alone can help me fall to sleep faster while feeling cozy it also helps reduce anxiety.

I received a scented shoulder and neck wrap, similar to the one below from my son for Christmas one year. It came with a wrap for my back, and the whole family loves to use them. If you’re tense from anxiety or just had a rough day, this brings soothing comfort to you. The wrap is cozy, and luxurious to use while working at your desk too.

Lavender is perfect for relaxation. The wrap for the back I used while sleeping. It stays warm for at least 30 minutes, so I don’t worry about burns like a regular heating pad. The scent of the wrap is relaxing, but you could use an essential oil roll on for that also.

If you’re standing most of your day aching, legs and feet may be interrupting your sleep. A foam wedge helps with feet, leg, and back pain. It improves circulation which makes it a good choice for preventing varicose veins.

Support stockings and socks will invigorate your legs and also help with varicose veins and aching legs. Doctors recommend these

Turn Your Work Space Into Your Happy Place

Another helpful item for depression is the Verilux HappyLight. These lights ( or lightbulbs) mimic the sun and are recommended medically to improve depression. Check the directions for the product for the length of time you should spend in front of the light. Usually, 30 minutes is all you need once a day. Another fantastic item for your desk!

Salt Lamps purify the air and give a tranquil environment. Make your desk space feel homier or place the lamp beside your bed for relaxation and air purification.

Get your quota of fresh water for the day, infused with fresh fruit! Make fresh coffee at your desk.

Get Creative

Do you ever feel like you need to do something relaxing, or just rest, but you can’t sit still? Maybe watching a movie is hard to sit through? Coloring is something that keeps you busy plus it’s relaxing at the same time. The adult coloring books they make these days are amazing. Make sure you spend a few bucks for good fine point markers or artist’s colored pencils to have a great outcome. Do an excellent job, and the resulting picture is frameable. Even so, coloring is therapeutic and creativity always improves depression.

Inform yourself of more things you can do to help with depression and anxiety. Self-help books are cheaper than therapy and if you can apply what you read your good to go. Below are a few top sellers.

Inform Yourself

Improve Your Environment

Consider making your environment healthier. For example, how is your air quality in your home? Poor air quality can affect mood and also affect you physically which in turn then affects you emotionally. Vicious cycle? Yep, I feel it too.

Decrease allergins and odors.

One of my concerns is mold and its impact on my health. I have a basement, and part of it is an unfinished crawl space. Other than spend big bucks on a contractor and dealing with the mess there are other choices. Air filtration systems are very efficient, and the healthier environment will help your mood. Or you can do something as simple as putting small filters in your air vents, baby’s room, and getting better vacuum bags.

You can also improve your environment by including houseplants in your decor. These plants freshen the air naturally. Don’t worry, these are hard to kill, and they would rather you forget to water them instead of overwatering.

If plants just aren’t your thing scented candles, essential oils, and warm baths do wonders. When my three children were young, I insisted that my husband would watch them an hour in the evening of long days so I could soak in the tub with scented oils and relaxing music. A few times they broke free from Dad’s best efforts at keeping them entertained and banged on the bathroom door, but I ignored them! Ha!

Need to kick back and watch a good movie? Did you know with Amazon Prime you can choose from gives thousands of movies and T.V. shows? You also get “add free” music for 2 million songs, and free shipping on 50 million items!

Another way to help depression and anxiety is to improve your life. Figure out what you would love to do with your life. Even if you find it hard to believe that your life will change, it is healthy to have exciting plans and dreams for your future! I have the perfect helper for this.

Keep Moving

Any form of exercise is better than nothing. Find something you enjoy doing. Zuma is lot’s of fun if you love dancing, Walking outside on a beautiful day gives you the needed vitamin D to fight depression and the Seratonin your brain will use to improve how you feel. Keep looking till you find something you love, so you keep doing it. Yoga has long been recommended for depression and anxiety. Yoga improves posture, mindfulness, strength, and weight loss. You will need a yoga mat and comfortable clothing.

I just want to say that so many times we end up depressed because we never do anything for ourselves. It seems that especially young Moms will do this because either they have no extra money. Sometimes Mothers think they are a better Mom for only spending money on their children. But a depressed and anxious Mom is not a good Mom. As a Grandmother now(NaNa I like to be called) I remember when I was a young mother and I sacrificed until I was depressed. I remember saying to my doctor that I didn’t know what I enjoyed doing anymore.

Yes, it’s sad when you get to that point. And Mothers love so much they are willing to give up everything for there child, which is admirable. But there is a balance to love and sacrifice.

I believe a child who grows up seeing her mama enjoy life and have other interests besides her child is a well rounded, happy, independent child. So take some time for yourself Moms and Dads.

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