Teach Yourself How To Apply Eyeliner Properly

Using the right eye makeup can guarantee that “heads will turn” when you enter the room. However, you best achieve this by giving more attention to your eye liner, then focusing more on your eye shadow. Eyeliner, correctly applied, can make a huge difference in your makeup routine. Not only will it emphasize the shape of your eyes, but it will also accentuate your lashes in ways that mascara alone can’t do. In fact eye liner, when correctly applied, can help turn your makeup routine from sexy, to classy, and all the way, to bold.

As important as eye liner is for women, not all of them apply it correctly or at all. However, you will soon learn everything there is about applying eye liner, whether pencil eyeliner or liquid eye liner. You will also learn important tips to help you when applying eye makeup. In addition, you will learn how to apply eye liner with airbrush makeup and, in case you don’t know what that is, you will be introduced to the world’s leading airbrush makeup producer.

All of this important information is available thru the pages of this website. However, before you can start your education on how to apply eye liner, you need to understand what you have been doing wrong. Here are the top mistakes women make when applying eyeliner:

  • Using either too Little or Too Much Eye Liner – One of the basics on how to apply eye liner is using the right amount of product. By using too little, you won’t be able to get the best effect from your eye liner. On the other hand, too much eye liner will overpower the rest of your eye makeup, and waste your efforts in choosing the right eye shadow and applying your mascara expertly.


  • Using Greasy Pencils on Your Lower Lashes – Applying eye liner may seem difficult at times. However, you shouldn’t use a slick pencil just to make your work easy, as you will be cleaning up smeared and smudged eye liner later.


  • Lining the Inside Rim of Your Lids and the Area Between Your Lashes – Before, when learning how to apply eye liner, you may have been instructed to make sure that your lids’ inner rim, and the area between your lashes, received a generous amount of product. However, applying it this way will only guarantee you to have perfect eye makeup for a short period of time. Afterwards, your eye liner will smear and deposit into the corner of your eye. Not only does this look unattractive, but it will also affect your cornea in the long run.


  • Ignoring Your Eye Size While Applying Eye Liner – You always need to keep in mind your eye size when applying eye liner. Small or close-set eyes, for example, will not benefit from thick eye liner, because, this will make the eye look smaller or closer. So, first, you need to learn how to apply eye liner to suit your eye shape.


  • Applying Mascara Before Eye Liner – Some women believe that applying mascara first will allow them to assess how much eye liner they would use. However this is wrong, applying mascara after your eye liner allows you to compensate for any lack of depth or definition you may have caused by applying your eyeliner wrong. In addition, because you are still working on your eyes, you are bound to disturb your mascara causing it to flake.


  • Keep these mistakes in mind to avoid them, and also visit the rest of the pages, to master the art of correctly using eye liner to make the most of it.

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