Mix Coconut Oil & A Common Pantry Ingredient To Return Grey Hair Back To Its Natural Color!!!!!!

When we first spot a grey hair, this is a very traumatic moment that causes many of us to panic and starts trying our best to snip it away or use over the counter products to eliminate it. Wondering how grey hairs have happened and whether they are caused by stress is a common reaction, but there is a helpful cure for this problem that you may not have considered.

While there are some who consider grey hair to be a sign of wisdom, there are others who find them to be unsightly and will try their best to remove them by any means necessary. Sure, you can head to your local pharmacy and grab any old box of dye, but for those of us who do not wish to treat our hair with chemicals, there is a better solution.

If you are going grey and seek a natural fix, all you need is enough coconut oil to coat the hair and three teaspoons of organic lemon juice (freshly squeezed if possible.) From there, mix the ingredients together and massage them into your scalp before letting them sit for an hour.

A mild shampoo is perfect for washing them off and for best results, repeat this process once a week. The coconut oil serves to strengthen the scalp and the condition of the hair, while hair growth is also promoted. The grey hairs are reversed and you will also experience less dandruff.

This mixture provides added vitamins to the hair, which nourish the scalp and treat the root cause of your grey hair. Premature grey hair is also prevented with this natural cure.

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