How To Lose Face Fat & 4 Simple Exercises

Exercises to getting Rid of Face Fat

Exercise 1: Look Younger by Pulling Your Lips

Of course, don’t literally pull your lips! This exercise is a natural facelift and can complement your weight loss perfectly. When you keep doing this exercise as instructed, you’ll look younger and bring out your cheekbones and jaw.

You can do this exercise either while standing or sitting. Be prepared to feel the burn in your neck and jaw!

Here’s how to pull your lips for a total facelift and get rid of face fat.

  • Start with keeping your head in a neutral position
  • Then, lift your bottom lip up as far as you can; you’ll accomplish this by effectively pushing your bottom jaw out
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 10 times

Don’t strain your neck too much on this exercise; the idea is that your chin and jaw are doing a lot of the work. You’ll feel the burn in your neck, jaw, and chin after a few seconds of doing this exercise.

Exercise 2: Get Gorgeous Cheekbones & Jaw Chewing

This exercise is designed for getting you defined cheekbones and a more distinct jawline. This is perfect for people who are trying to reduce chin fat while also toning the jaw and cheeks. The jaw chewing exercise also functions as a stretching workout as well to keep your muscles fit!

Here’s how to lose face fat with the lip pull exercise:

  • Keep your head straight
  • Close your mouth, but move your jaw like you’re chewing
  • Continue to breathe, taking deep breaths while humming
  • Open your mouth and press your tongue down against the bottom of your teeth
  • Hold for five seconds, inhale, exhale
  • Repeat 10 times

Doing the jaw chewing exercise can feel tricky at first, but keep doing it and it’ll feel natural to tone your facial muscles and keep your jaw, cheeks, and chin looking great!

Again, try a few times and don’t overdo it when first practicing these exercises.

Exercise 3: Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks & Tight Eyes

The tight eyes exercise is extremely simple, can be done any time of day, and majorly helps to cut down on your chubby cheeks. When it comes to identifying how to lose face fat, getting rid of those cheeks is fundamental.

Here’s how to lose face fat with the tight eyes exercise:

  • Close your eyes as tightly as you can
  • You should feel your cheek muscles in this exercise
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Relax for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 5 times

When you practice this exercise, it’s essential that you feel your cheeks move upwards when you close your eyes. Otherwise, you’re not doing the exercise properly. Close your eyes even tighter and you’ll feel it. An exercise not done properly is not worth doing!

Exercise 4: Eliminate Double Chin & Chin Lifts

The chin lift is the perfect solution to eliminating fat in your chin area. Let’s face it—having a double chin is just not attractive. You want a slim neck with a defined chin and a clean jawline.

Here’s how you can get it with chin lifts:

  • Lean your head back towards the ceiling
  • Hold your gaze there
  • Pull your lips into a kissing shape
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 10 times

This exercise can be done either standing or sitting. It also helps to firm the muscles in your throat and neck, making this exercise doubly beneficial. When you’re trying to get rid of face fat and kick your double chin to the curb, try this exercise with your new healthy diet and watch the results! 

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