Here Are 5 Common Causes Of Acne & Ways That Can Help Reduce It

Your body speaks to you, remember? Even acne and other types of blemishes appear on different parts of your body for a particular reason. Today we are going to help you to figure out what these reasons are. Once you are done you can start getting rid of that annoying acne.

Acne and pimples spoil the look even of the most healthy skin. These annoying blemishes make your skin look darker, making the color less uniform. Usually, we are bothered with acne on our face. We use a lot of cosmetics and creams to get rid of it. However, how about other parts of your body?

Acne can appear literally anywhere on your body. What is acne? It is dirty pores.

In other words, it is blocked pores. Your skin cannot actually breath because of it. You can find acne in different body parts. Check out what are the reasons behind this are.

1. Back and shoulders:

  • You need to eat less fat and fried food.
  • However, it might be caused by external factors such as wearing scarfs.
  • Try to reconsider your eating habits and wear natural clothes only, which allow your skin to breath.

2. Chest:

  • Acne on the chest is usually caused by an allergic reaction to something you are using to wash, for example, your shower gel.
  • So, try to switch it up and maybe go to the dermatologist.
  • You may need to only use natural ingredients for cleaning your skin.

3. Neck:

  • Neck acne is usually caused by your passion for sweets but it can also be the skin’s response to the shampoo you use.
  • Try to change your shampoo and make your diet more healthy and see what happens.
  • If the acne remains after all the lifestyle alterations you need to go to the doctor.

4. Arms:

  • Acne on your arms may be your body’s reaction to some medicine.
  • It might also be an indicator of inflammation processes in your body.
  • Inflammation can be provoked by the wrong workout program or the wrong heavy workout program that does not suit you.

5. Legs:

  • Acne can be caused by irritation after shaving.
  • Your skin can also be irritated by wearing synthetic clothes.

Try to wear clothes that allow your skin to breath and change the way you remove unwanted hair from your legs. It may help.

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