Here 8 Most Effective Exercises To get Rid Of A Double Chin & In 2 Months

No one is really a stranger to the fitness phenomenon that has run rampant in our society and consumed us whole. But given the obesity rates in developed countries like the United States, it is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. Losing fat and going fit has an arsenal of benefits that are too elephantine to be encompassed in this post. But rest assured, if we do not, in fact, beat about the bush, working out is gold.

Yet another thing that can’t be sidelined is how working out has a more superficial and cosmetic reason in basis. People have gotten into fitness to look better rather than live better, which possibly explains the widespread usage of liposuction and plastic surgery. So building on that, all of us can relate how our body just does not let go of body fat in some nagging areas that show a lot. These places, like arms, chest, neck and more specifically, chins are irritating in the essence that no matter how fit you get, fat does not seem to let go from here.

But today we have compiled 7 amazing exercises that specifically target your facial muscles to help reduce fat from your chin using spot training. Read on!

8. Warming up and stretching the facial muscles

As with all other exercises, it is pivotal that to keep the person away from muscle harm or unnecessary discomfort, their muscles are stretched to prepare the muscles for the imminent workout. As the muscles are used initially, the flow of blood increases to these muscles causing oxygenation of the blood and incurring fat burning in these spots.

For the purpose of this warm up, the detail of movements required is as follows. You will mainly be using your lower jaw, whereby you will move it forward and hold it in position before moving it backward and doing the same. As with any other exercise, the movements should not be jerky or abrupt. Repeat 8-10 times until you feel your jaw loose.

7.The scoop

For the first step, you have to simply make a scooping motion with your lower jaw as if you were scooping drinks into your mouth. To achieve this, move your lower lip over your lower set of teeth and compliment it with moving your head down and then closing your mouth as you lift it, to complete the motion. Ensure the sides of your lips are relaxed as you do this so that there is no abrasion on teeth. Repeat the movement for 5-7 times for max benefit.

6. The nose touch

One of the main causes of the formation of a double chin is the weakness of hyoid muscles in your neck which means not enough fat is burned there. Every pound of total body muscle mass burns a lot of fat, but in places like your chin, it is necessary that muscles exist to spot burn fat here.

To strengthen the hyoid muscles, take out your tongue and stick it out as long as you can. Now aim to touch the tip of the bridge of your nose with the tip of your tongue. As a biological fact, you never can, but the effort not only helps burn fat but also helps develop your hyoid muscles. Again, ensure your lips are completely relaxed and repeat around 5 times.

5. Getting the perfect oval face

Having an oval face is often linked to being youthful. There are exercises that you can do to make your cheeks move upwards and give you an overall youthful appearance. In this exercise all you need to do is turn your head towards the right and extend your jaw lower, causing your neck muscles to strain. If you are correctly doing this exercise, the muscles on the right side of your neck should feel like they are under pressure.

After completing this movement on the right, you should move onto your left side and repeat the same movements. Repeat for a total of five times on each side for maximum effect.

4. Kiss the giraffe

To effectively do this exercise, you need to imagine that you are either kissing a giraffe or someone else who is very tall. Move your jaw a little forward, and position your face like you are about to kiss someone. You will feel a rising tension in your neck, provided that you are doing the exercise right.

Maintain this position for 5 to 8 seconds before you let go and relax your neck. Repeat this exercise 5 times to acquire the wanted results.

3. The Boxer

As the name suggests, for this exercise you need to take a boxer like a stance. Make two fists, and tuck them in under your chin. After maintaining this stance, move your jaw slightly down onto your fists and try to strain your muscles as much as you can. Keep increasing the pressure until you reach your breaking point to make the exercise more effective. Hold this stance for 3 seconds before you relax. Repeat the exercise for 5-7 times for maximum effect.

2. Smile

A smile is not only your best accessory but can also act as a way to make your face look more toned. For this exercise, you need to clench your teeth while your mouth is closed and try to extend the corners of your mouth as much as you possibly can. While holding this position, push your tongue upwards until it is against your hard palate with increasing pressure. The only way to know if you have performed this exercise correctly is if you feel a strong tension in your chin muscles. After feeling your chin muscles tense up, hold this position for 5 seconds.

1. The Pufferfish

While it might look comical, mimicking the facial movements of a puffer fish could actually lead to a slimmer face and jaw. All you need to do for this exercise is to blow air deep into your mouth until your mouth is full of air. After that, you are supposed to close your mouth, without inhaling or exhaling the air, keeping it trapped in your mouth. This will make your cheeks puff up like a puffer fish, hence the name of this exercise.

Following that, you are required to press your palms into your cheeks while your mouth is full of air, meaning that you will feel the tension in the muscles. Hold this position for 3-5 minutes, after which you release the trapped air and relax your face. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times for maximum results.

Bonus: Body acceptance

It is all cool for those that do undertake such an effort to burn fat under their face. But in principle, if you ever do it, it is vital that you do it for yourself and not because you wish to align your looks with society’s standards of beauty because those are ones that can never be matched due to the versatility of beauty standards throughout history.

So find a look that you think defines you and not what society wants and keep that way. Because at the end of the day, we look a certain way to spread happiness and that starts with you. Otherwise, no amount of weight loss, mass gain, haircuts, plastic surgery or fancy dressing will ever help you sleep better at night. That only happens through body acceptance. Everyone is beautiful, every way; it only takes the right person to see that way.

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