Here 8 Exercises To Tighten Your Butt & Legs

The best exercise for a tighter, toned butt is squat and as much as we would all want to work just on our behind we should always have a balanced exercise plan which incorporates both the butt; the legs and our core. In this article, we’ll show you one of the best exercise routines which revolve around 8 superb exercises for your lower body, your thighs, legs, and butt.

The 8 exercises below should be performed in 15-20 reps, 3-4 sets each. After just one week you’ll notice significant improvement and your backside will definitely become more attractive and luscious.

Side Lunge

  • Position your feet together in a standing position and grab two dumbbells, one in each hand.
  • Make a step to your right side diagonally and switch all your weight to the right leg while your left leg stays straight.
  • Pressing on the heel stand up and return to starting position.
  • Repeat for 15-20 times and switch legs.

Split Squat

  • Place a chair or a bench 2 feet behind you.
  • Put your entire weight on the right foot extend the other leg behind you until you reach the bench.
  • Lower your body down in lunge position while keeping the weight on the right foot still.
  • Return to starting position by pressing through the heel and switch legs.

Single Leg Deadlift

  • Stand up and place your feet together.
  • Grab a couple of dumbbells, one in each hand.
  • Shift your body weight to the right foot, keep your back straight and raise your left leg to position your torso parallel to the ground.
  • Get back to the starting position and switch legs.

Glute Kick Back with Resistance Band

  • Get down on all four and hold to the resistance band’s hands.
  • Wrap the band under your right foot’s arch, shift your weight a bit to the left and lower your right leg back until it gets parallel to the ground.
  • Perform the same with the other leg.

Step Ups

  • Place a chair or a bench some 6-12 inches in front of you and place your left foot on it.
  • Press through your heel and step on the chair, straighten your leg.
  • Now lower your right foot on the ground. Do the same with the other leg and repeat.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

  • Lie down on the ground, on your back, and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • They should be at the hip distance and parallel to each other.
  • Stretch one leg up to the ceiling and lift your hips up by pressing on the other leg’s heel.
  • Return to starting position and repeat.

Hydrants with Resistance Band

  • Tie a resistance band in a circle and wrap it around your thighs, just above the knees.
  • Get down on all fours and shift your weight to the left side.
  • Using your abductors raise your right knee a couple of inches from the ground and to the side.
  • Repeat and do the same with the other leg.

Hamstring Curl on a Stability Ball

  • Lie down on your back and place your feet on a stability ball.
  • Stretch out your legs and lift your hips as if you’re doing a plank and dig your heels into the stability ball.
  • Roll the ball towards your glutes and lift the hips higher, keeping them in line with your shoulders and knees.

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