Here 12 Warning Signs That We Should Increase Our Water Intake

There are not many days where we find the time and situation to realize the worth and value to small things in our life. A tall, chilled glass of water is all you can need and want on a hot summer day. A glass of juice, tea or coffee can never be as satisfying as water yet we ignore having something that is imperative for us and replace it with drinks that dehydrate us even more.

We underestimate the level of damage we cause to our bodies by doing this. We jotted down the symptoms that you need to increase your water intake, do they apply to you?

1. Dry Mouth

I think this is the most evident sign that you are not hydrated enough. That disgusting sticky feeling inside your mouth. The first thing a person wants to do is grab something to drink, but usually that ends up being something filled with sugar and cold. We might be satisfied at that particular moment but that certainly is not a long-term solution. It will not last long, what water does and sugary drinks don’t, is lubricate the mucous membranes – the real reason for our mouth feeling dry. Drinking water will keep our mouth hydrated for a long time even with a sip.

2. Dry Skin

Although a dry mouth must be the first thing you notice or feel, the earliest signs of dehydration is dry skin. And in case you have not noticed, it is the principal organ of your body. What basically happens is that you need water in your body in order to sweat, and if you do not sweat your skin is not cleaning off the dirt in your skin and oil. That leads to breakouts eventually, so if you want to save yourself from all of that, you know what to do.

3. Thirst

Now we all know what thirst feels like and it goes miles beyond what a dry mouth feels like. It feels like a desert in your mouth, now you know exactly when that happens – yes the morning after a long night of drinking and partying. And you could drink a pool of water and it would still not quench your thirst. Water intake sends signals to your brain and brings your body water levels to safe. So if your body is showing signs, don’t ignore them.

4. Dry eyes

Any smart person would know that water does not just affect your mouth and skin, it affects a person’s body all over. Now, at this point, we will remind you again of the horrible last hangover that you had. Recall having red eyes? Lack of water leads to drying up tear ducts leading to dry and red eyes. That way you can’t even cry, and would lead to weigh more hard to your body and eyes than you can imagine. If you also wear contact lenses, you have it worse than others.

5. Joint Pain

Something a layman is not aware of is that the discs in our spine are eighty percent water and so is our cartridge, that way it helps the bones to be lubricated and prevent them from grinding against each other. Having a healthy amount of water ensure you that your joints are agiler and can bear sudden jerks and movements in daily life.

6. Reduced Muscle Mass

Just like your discs, your muscles are also to a certain percentage made up of water, and consequently, that means that if you have less water in your body you have less muscle mass. There is a reason people who work out prefer having water before and after the workout, that way the water gets placed in the right regions of your body. That also helps the human body muscles not to get inflamed and sore after fatigue.

7. Sickness lasts longer

Ever heard of a car running without fuel? Surely not – in other words, our organs operate the same way. Cleaning our body and pushing toxins out of our body, but in order for our organs to do that, they need to be hydrated to function properly. If you do not keep hydrating yourself, and your organs need water, they start to take it from places like your blood – and if that consistently keeps happening you will end up the whole a lot of problems.

8. Fatigue and lethargy

As earlier mentioned that when the organs do not have enough water to function they borrow from the blood, that also leads to oxygen levels dropping through the body. That makes one sleep more and lack energy, subsequently making you shut down a few hours earlier than you do naturally. And in some circumstances, coffee might help you but not for long and it might make things worse as far as hydration is concerned.

9. Bouts of Hunger

Your body sometimes confuses the need for water as hunger that should explain why you wake up in the middle of the night wanting to munch on something. But if we end up eating in that confusion, we make the body work more as it needs to digest the food etc. Although if we ended up actually having water that would clear out the body out along with fueling other organs.

10. Digestion Issues

The same way how our mucous membranes need lubrication to function properly, the game rule applies to our stomach and the digestive system. And if we are not properly hydrated, the stomach acids start to act up that damage the inside of our body. Something like this can also result in indigestion.

11. Premature aging

As we age, we should also increase the intake of water. This is because as we keep getting older, our body is not as good as restoring water in like it used to before and thus having us to drink more water. The consequences of having less water will show easily outside but what is happening inside our body will take its sweet time and when it does show up, it will be way deadlier than aging and dry skin.

12. You’re reading this and have gotten this far

If you have reached this point, it means you are still interested in keeping yourself hydrated. It is important to know that we should not have large amounts of water in one go. That does no good either. Excess water can also create problems, so what we should do is keep a glass of water or bottle near us and keep sipping time after time. That is the best way to keep your body properly hydrated.

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