Every Woman Should Try These 6 Easy Lower-Abdominal Exercises At Home

As we grow older, the body starts losing its mobility and the strength it once had. That is increasing the risk of fractures, falls, breaks, and similar injuries.

Many people forget how important the strength of our core is, that it could cause unnecessary pain. That’s why we have prepared the 6 most effective exercises which can be done at home.

Building the Core Muscle: Incredible Benefits of the Core Strength

  • We all want stronger legs, bigger butt, and leaner arms but we are not always aware of how important it is to build the core muscle.
  • You need to know that strengthening the core can enhance the general stability and balance of the body.

There are the activities that require core strength:

  • Getting undressed or dressed
  • Scooping up your grandchild or child
  • Checking the blind spots or when watching behind you
  • Cleaning gardening and repairing the house
  • Taking a shower or a bath
  • Bending down for putting the shoes on
  • Occupational tasks which involve lifting, twisting, and sitting for many hours

What is The Difference Between Core Strength and Abs?

  • When you are strengthening, your abs are going to target several front-facing muscles, but when you do core exercises.
  • They are going to target the whole group of the muscles which are going to help you with each move you are doing.

Here is what the core muscles include generally:

  • Glutes and Lower back muscles
  • On the top, the diaphragm muscle
  • Abs muscles on the front
  • On the bottom, the pelvic floor, and hip muscles

Therefore, if you wish to have better abs, you need to focus on all of that.

Here are several exercises to help you improve the balance of your body, to eliminate the back pain, and to make you much stronger.


These six exercises are very beneficial exercises for the core.

  • They can be done at your own home and will take you just about 10 minutes.
  • Moreover, you don’t need any special equipment to do them.

The following exercises are going to significantly improve the general health condition, the body strength, pain, balance, and mobility.

There are also one-minute videos for every exercise, made with a certified trainer.

1. The Bridge

Perform this exercise in order to strengthen the whole abdominal area as well as the lower back pain and glutes.

2. The Straight Leg Drops

With this exercise, you are going to target the obliques and transverse abdominal muscles.

3. The Front Toe Drops

In order to do this exercise, you have to be focused on breathing.

4. The Side Knee Drops

This exercise with targeting your abdominal muscles and will focus on the obliques.

5. The Hip Circles

In order to perform the exercise in its best way, you have to focus to breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth.

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