Cardiologist Suggests 5-Day Diet: a Safe Way to Lose 15 Pounds!

The most important part of our lives definitely is a diet. Extra kilograms in the body significantly increase the risk of sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart problems, gallbladder diseases, diabetes or some kind of cancer. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can significantly reduce the chances of these problems.

This diet will help you to lose weight while improving your health and it is designed by one of the most eminent cardiologists in Europe.

The main source of protein in this diet are eggs, so it would be great to choose organic ones. Burn up to 15 pounds in a very short period of time just by simply printing this page and following the rules.

This diet is very effective and very simple at the same time. Every day you have the same breakfast – except bananas and grapes, you can take a piece of your favorite foods. It is recommended to take a cup of blackberries or blueberries because it provides a lot of antioxidants.

Day 1

  • Lunch – 1 egg, 1 orange and a cup of yogurt
  • Dinner – 2 tomatoes, A bowl of green salad or ½ cucumber,2 boiled eggs and 2 pieces of toast

Day 2

  • Lunch – 1 boiled egg, one orange and a cup of yogurt
  • Dinner – 1 orange, one cup of tea or coffee without sugar, 125g of red meat and a piece of toast

Day 3

  • Lunch – 1 boiled egg, 1 orange and cucumber
  • Dinner – A cup of coffee or tea without sugar, one piece of toast, one orange and 125g of cooked red meat

Day 4

  • Lunch – 1 orange, 125g of cottage cheese and one piece of toast
  • Dinner – The same dinner like on Day 3

Day 5

  • Lunch – One tomato, 200g of cooked fish or meat and one piece of toast
  • Dinner – Potatoes and peas, ½ pound of cooked carrots.

It is very important to know that this diet will not starve your body, besides it provides essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the body.

For best results, you should avoid the consumption of salt, sugar, processed and fast foods and alcohol. After 5 days of using this diet take a break for 2 days and repeat it again 5 more days.

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