A 15 Minute Daily Workout Plan For Weight Loss!

Today, we would like to present you with a 15-minute daily workout plan for weight loss.

Our workout plan is designed for women who are just trying to start out losing weight. Only 15 minutes and you can achieve your dream!

Day 1

  • On the first day, you will perform the bodyweight workout consisting of the bodyweight squat, inverted row, push-ups, and dumbbell lunges.
  • you should set your timer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • you have to do 8 reps of each exercise with only a little rest after each movement.
  • when you’re finished with all the 4 exercises, it is considered as one round.
  • take one-minute rest and repeat.
  • you can complete as many rounds as possible within your 10 to 15 minutes timer.

Day 2

  • On this day, you need to track your foods.
  • You need to download some apps that can easily help you track your foods.
  • Drink plenty of water, 2 cups of water before each meal can make you lose extra pounds.
  • Don’t forget to have enough sleep. You need to sleep 7 to 9 hours.

Day 3

  • On this day, you’ll start your weight training.
  • You will perform exercises such as Dumbbell Squat (2 sets of 15 reps with 1-minute rest),
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row (2 sets of 12 reps), Dumbbell Lunges (2 sets of 12 reps),
  • Push Ups (2 sets of 15 reps), and Reverse Crunch (2 sets of 20 reps).

Day 4

  • track your diet and fitness
  • go for a 20-minute walk
  • don’t eat junk foods
  • You need to change your diet. You must add some foods in your diet plans such as fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy, grains, nuts, and healthy fats, olive and coconut oil.

Day 5

Workout Days

  • Protein and vegetables should be included in each meal.
  • Before working out, eat a few carbohydrates, such as a piece of fruit, half a cup of rice or a bowl of oatmeal
  • After working out, have a meal consisting of proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.
  • With meals that don’t have carbs, eat a combination of fats and protein

Non-Workout Days

  • Protein and vegetables should be included in each meal.
  • Eat a few slices of fruit instead of starchy carbs
  • Your fat intake should be high enough, so eat foods such as eggs, avocado, fatty fish, almonds, and nut butter.

Day 6

  • HIIT workout. You will perform exercises such as Dumbbell Rear Lunge, Plyo Kettlebell Pushups, Mountain Climbers, Barbell Squat, and Burpees.

Day 7

  • You need to choose a suitable program and focus on it. There are three main programs including:
  • Fat Loss Program – if you’ll choose this program, you’ll need to include high-intensity interval work and more cardio in your training. This will help you burn more calories every day.
  • This program is most suitable for those people who want to lose 50 pounds or more.
  • Muscle Gaining Program – this program is perfect for people who are already naturally leaner and don’t have much fat to lose in their body.
  • Strength Program – this program will help you to become stronger. Your trainer may add more weight to your deadlift workout, squats, and bench press.

By lifting heavier weights, you are building more muscles and burning more fats.

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