8 Solutions For Home Free Of Bugs!!!

We never want to live or see rodents and insects near us. This is a common problem, especially during the summer. It would be ideal to get rid of these pests and put them outside, but how can we prevent their presence?

Here are the most effective natural techniques to get rid of these nasty little things


  • Vacuum-the bugs will not feel attracted by using this house cleaner.
  • Cayenne pepper-sprinkle this powerful spice in the insects’ area and corners.
  • Vinegar-combine with some water, spray off and get rid of bugs immediately.
  • Baking soda-sprinkle in cracks or spread around the house. This ingredient gets moisture off the body of the bugs. Clean it after a few days.
  • Mint oil-this powerful oil is hated by all pests especially spiders. Mix it with some water and spray off.
  • Eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary-add a few drops of these oils (choose your favorite one) in a spray bottle with 7.water and then spray near the insects.
  • Mint-crush a few leaves of this plant and sprinkle in the house or you can dry and store them in your wardrobe in a packet.
  • Silica Gel-place ground silica gel in your bedroom and get rid of insect immediately.

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