Numerous individuals experience the ill effects of knee torment yet there are numerous activities that can diminish your agony and here are a few exercises that will encourage you on the off chance that you have a few issues with your knee.


  • Stand straight behind a seat and raise your leg while twisting the knee.
  • With your other leg strand on your toes.
  • Cut down the foot rear area and rehash this development for 15 times.


  • Remain on the toes and stroll around your home. You can do this while you are doing some different errands.
  • Exercise as much as you can.

Lower leg CIRCLES

  • Lift the foot and turn it outwards and inwards 10 times.
  • Make 3 redundancies on every leg.

Obstruction BAND

  • Put an obstruction band around the seat and afterward your leg under your other leg while your knee is twisted a bit.
  • Hold the curve with your toes and twist in reverse towards the head.
  • Return to the underlying position and rehash 15 times on each leg.TOE GAMES
  • Stand straight and twist the toes endeavoring to get the ground.
  • You can put a few rocks on the ground and attempt to get them.

Strolling ON BALLS

  • While sitting on a seat put a tennis ball under your foot and back rub it with it.
  • Drive the ball everywhere throughout the foot for 10 min.


  • Pressure point massage and foot back rub can help you a great deal.
  • Back rub the sore focuses for 15 min. what’s more, this will unwind your entire body.

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