3-Ingredient Elixir That Can Clear Mucus From The Lungs

Winter, snow, chilling weather, celebration but don’t forget it is also a season of flu. Yes, a lot of people suffer from runny noses, phlegm in throats and flu. A cough, cold and high temperature is a common cycle in the winter season. But in every possible way you can avoid this scenario using a recipe of lemon, honey and ginger.

Overabundance bodily fluid is a typical manifestation of viral diseases, occasional sensitivities, and smoking-related conditions. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of overabundance bodily fluid, you can frequently figure out what could precipitate it by looking at the shading, amount, and consistency of your mucous, we know, not an engaging undertaking. Fortunately, these four intense ingredients can diminish abundance mucus present in your lungs, nose, and throat.

Benefits of Drinking Water:

The main suggestion that medicinal researchers prescribe is to increase the consumption of water. Dilute can slacken and wash any mucus in the throat and back of the mouth. Water additionally can clear the poisons that are adding to your disease.

Drinking cool water can support your digestion system and help your resistant framework, and drinking warm water can manage your body temperature.

Benefits of Ginger:

Ever find that you’re do not wiped out anymore, however despite everything you have that additional bodily fluid? Ginger is known to lessen a cerebral pain brought about by the blockage of your sinuses. Ginger lessens the development of mucus that is deserted after the recuperation from a disease.

Ginger gives a huge support to the whole framework, and oleoresins, the dynamic segments in ginger, are normally found in most chilly and influenza cures. Ginger is additionally known to empower course, which can urge any abundance mucous to be discharged from the lungs.

Flu and cold can be lessened by ginger. Morning sickness and aggravation can likewise be disposed of with normal utilization of ginger. What’s more, those with respiratory issues, for example, asthma have been known to discover help with ginger.

Benefits of Honey:

Due to antifungal, calming and antibacterial properties, honey is usually regarded as “superfood”. Likewise being rich in cancer prevention agents and flavonoids, it is regularly used to treat roughage fever and occasional unfavorably susceptible responses. It is additionally utilized as a treatment of constant ulcers and wounds.

Honey contains probiotic microscopic organisms called Lactobacillus kunkeei, which is known to support the invulnerable framework. You ought to dependably decide on raw and organic honey over refined honey.

Honey is known to diminish mucus and mucous, yet we likewise know the sentiment a sore throat after unremitting hacking. It relieves those roughened muscle linings. Keep in mind that it is nature’s sweetener; it can make any morning mix taste extraordinary.

Benefits of Lemon:

Lemon is known to be extremely gainful to the safe framework, being rich in vitamin C and potassium. Lemon additionally has calming and antimicrobial properties, which can purge bodily fluid and recover the resistant framework.

Lemon can control circulatory strain, empower nerve work and will adjust pH levels in the body. Lemon will forestall drying out and adrenal exhaustion when your lymph framework is hydrated your anxiety levels will be lessened, and your hormones can be managed.

Recipe for Lemon-Ginger-Honey Drink

Here is the incredible recipe of lemon ginger honey drink which will provide instant relief from mucus and cold.

Things you need:

  • Honey- 100 grams
  • Water- 100 ml
  • Lemon juice- 4 tbsp
  • Ginger powder- 1 tsp


  1. Take 100 ml of water and start boiling it on low flame.
  2. Add 1 tsp of ginger powder to boiling water and allow it to boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the heat and allow the solution to cool down.
  4. Add 4 tsp of lemon juice and 100 grams of honey to it.
  5. Stir it well and leave it undisturbed overnight.
  6. Store the drink in a glass jar in the fridge; you can use it for 1 week.
  7. Drink 30-40 ml of this solution every morning on an empty stomach.
  8. Consume it regularly for 40 days and your immune system will be enhanced.
  9. Take a break of 2 weeks and again repeat the treatment for another 40 days.

Along with this treatment, you can inhale steam from warm water to clear the lungs and to get rid of the excess of mucus accumulated in the respiratory system.

Share this remedy with your friends and family members. Do convey us the simple natural tricks you use to get rid of common cold, flu and throa infection in the comment box.

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